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3 wheeled car 25 viewsI built this about 1980. Powered by a 1000 Kawasaki engine with a single carb manifold that I designed
Me and my Kawasaki drag bike40 viewsTrack record holder at Bunker Hill Drag Strip 10.9 @ 118 mph. First bike in the 10's at Bunker Hill.
Triple engined drag bike66 viewsTop Gas record holder in its time: 8.2 seconds @ 170 mph. Powered by three 750 Kawasaki engines each making 150 hp. B&J two speed automatic transmission and Crowerglide slipper clutch from a funny car.
Mr Goat23 viewsI built this in 2013. Mr Goat will carry 80 pound bags of cement, drag railroad ties or tree trunks, pull a 14 foot trailer,or haul a deer out of the woods.
stock 1000 Kawasaki18 viewsMy first road race at Indianapolis Raceway Park
Motor pod out of triple engined dragster turned into coffee table33 viewsIf you look closely you can see that the top is a silhouette of a drag bike cut from Lexan
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